Release date(s)
September 9th, 1999
Recording details
1998-1999 at Sawmills Studios, Cornwall
No. of tracks
World 12
Japan 13
World 49:39
Japan 54:24
Mushroom, Taste, Maverick
John Leckie, Paul Reeve and Muse
Chart position
UnitedKingdom 29
France 59

Showbiz is Muse's debut studio album, released in the UK on September 9th, 1999. The album contains 12 tracks and a bonus track, Spiral Static, on the Japanese edition.

Muse released five songs from Showbiz as singles: (in order) Uno, Cave, Muscle Museum, Sunburn, and Unintended.


The album contains songs written by the band in their very early days, and as so has no common genre, though Showbiz could be perhaps classified as alternative rock, with raw sounding guitars, young-Bellamy vocals and simple piano lines.

The album opens with the upbeat piano riff of Sunburn, passes through several rocky songs, peaking at the orgasmic title track Showbiz, calming down for Unintended, and hitting Uno and Overdue before bowing out with Hate This & I'll Love You. On the Japan-only version, Spiral Static becomes track 10, pushing Escape and others later.


All songs were written by Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard, except where noted.

  1. Sunburn – 3:54
  2. Muscle Museum – 4:23
  3. Fillip – 4:01
  4. Falling Down – 4:34
  5. Cave – 4:46
  6. Showbiz – 5:16
  7. Unintended – 3:57
  8. Uno – 3:38
  9. Sober – 4:04
  10. Spiral Static (Japan only) – 4:45
  11. Escape – 3:31
  12. Overdue – 2:26
  13. Hate This & I'll Love You – 5:09


The booklet which comes with the album does not have lyrics on it, but instead, a line from each song is cited in bold letters. A limited "Festival Edition" was released in the Benelux region featuring a bonus disc with the same content as the Japanese Random 1-8 EP, although without the three hidden "Sunburn" remixes after Do We Need This (live)".

The UK and US promo CDs are held between two pieces of perspex, one engraved with the Muse logo, bolted down the middle. The aforementioned CD originally came with a special perspex spanner. Two other promo CDs, one with alternative artwork, another with a gold promo stamp, were made in the US. A variety of promotional CD-Rs were used to promote the album in the UK, US and Japan. The exclusive advanced promo CD was an European promo used for promoting Showbiz, and contains six faded song samples from the album.

The album has gone to sell over 300,000 in the UK making it Platinum, and has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide. Whilst the first release was on the Mushroom and Taste Media labels in the UK, the album was reissued on CD in 2006 in the UK on East West Records.

Showbiz was reissued on double 12" vinyl under Warner in Europe and North America in July 2009.